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The Pitch Tools Training course will give the participants practical experience working with the most popular suite of HLA tools on the market. It is intended for people that already has some HLA experience and want to learn more about how to work with tools supporting the development of federates or add capabilities or monitor federations. The Pitch Tools Training course will cover tools for code generation, data logging and setting up and managing a distributed simulation network


Day 1: Develop for HLA

The first day is focused on the code generation tool Pitch Developer Studio. Using the FOM (the information model) code can quickly be generated. The focus is on using the generated code to build federates showing how to quickly build a fully HLA compliant federate.

Day 2: Deploy and Optimize

The second day starts with looking at Pitch Recorder for recording, playing back and analyzing the data sent over HLA. It then moves on to use Pitch Booster to create a simulation network and ends with using Pitch Commander to manage all the different simulation recourses connected to the simulation network.

Tool Options

The Pitch Tools course can be modified to include other tools when bought as an in-house training course. Other tools such as Pitch pRTI, Pitch DIS Adapter and Pitch Extender can also be a part of the course.

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