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This course is a mix between our HLA Tools course and HLA Hands-On. It is intended for people that want to understand the basics of HLA and get practical experience working with our tool set. It begins the same as HLA Hands-On but cuts the advanced HLA topics such as Time management to instead work with HLA tools for data logging, code generation and managing distributed simulation networks. It will give participants a good mix of theoretical knowledge about HLA as well as practical experience working with the HLA API and the HLA tool set.


Day 1: Overview

The first day concentrates on HLA introduction, requirements, standardization architecture and basic principles. We cover the DSEEP development process for developing HLA compliant simulation. We also do an extensive walkthrough of the Object Model Template and how to create an information model. We do practical work and create object models using tools such as Visual OMT.

Day 2: Develop for HLA with Tools

The second day is focused on practical exercises. The HLA API will be covered in detail and the participants will build a fully HLA compliant simulator (a federate). We will go through the overall structure and best practices for building a federate. The day will end with working with the Pitch Developer Studio code generator

Day 3: Deploy for HLA with Tools

This day focuses on the HLA tools. Pitch Recorder will be used for recording, analyzing and playing back simulation data. Pitch Booster for creating a distributed simulation network and Pitch Commander for managing all the different simulation recourses connected to the simulation network.

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