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Pitch Visual OMT

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Manage Your HLA Object Models

When you develop HLA federations, you need to have a Federation Object Model that describes the information exchange. Pitch Visual OMT is the leading tool for developing and maintaining such object models.

You can use it to develop new FOMs for any domain or extend existing standardized FOMs such as the RPR FOM. Pitch Visual OMT gives you clear graphical views of your FOM. The built-in and helps ensuring correctness and consistency.

If you need to migrate FOMs from older versions, or maintain a FOM that supports several HLA versions, Pitch Visual OMT has several conversion tools. During your projects life cycle you may also want to compare different versions of you FOMs using Pitch Visual OMT. The report features makes it easy to share your FOM with your team.

Get the Bigger Picture
Get a graphical overview of your object and interaction classes. Use contextual menus for efficient editing. Drag and drop items within and between modules. See what’s contained in each FOM module in the module overviews.
Efficient Development and Refactoring
Quickly locate definitions and references to different items across all modules in your project. Make sure that references are updated when renaming items. Update references selectively when duplicate definitions exist in different modules.
Develop Correct and Consistent Models
Benefit from the built-in error and best practices checking that contains more than 200 rules. Find any broken references and missing definitions. Easily determine what needs to be fixed and jump to the errors that need to be fixed at the click of a mouse.
Create Professional Documentation
Get accurate and up-to-date documentation for your project with the click of a mouse. Save FOMs to professional looking PDFs with overviews, cross-references, indexes and graphs. Save graphs for inclusion in your own documentation.
Support FOMs over the Life Cycle
Get a quick insight into what changed between different versions of object models within and between projects. Compare different sets of FOM modules with each other. The result can be browsed and sorted with great flexibility.
Support Newer and Older Standards
Migrate FOMs based on older HLA versions to the newest standard with wizards that are easy to use. Save back FOMs to older versions for legacy simulations. Support both modular and monolithic FOMs.

Use Cases
Pitch Visual OMT is used by thousands of developers across the world in domains such as defense, space, air traffic management, energy, manufacturing, road traffic and manufacturing.

Pitch Visual OMT was the main tool used for developing the widely used RPR FOM 2.0. The FOM was developed in HLA Evolved and saved back to support older HLA versions and exported as PDF documents.
The NATO MSG 068 and 106 groups used Pitch Visual OMT to develop the NATO Education and Training Network FOM. This FOM is based on the SISO RPR FOM and adds several modules for exchanging services like logistics and refueling
The Space FOM, developed for the SEE/Smackdown projects was developed using Pitch Visual OMT and further refined by several simulation teams. This FOM will now be developed into a SISO standard.

Technical Specifications

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/2008, 8.1/2012, 10/2016/2019
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and higher
HLA Standard Formats

  • HLA IEEE 1516-2010 (“HLA Evolved”): Modular FOM, Monolithic FOM
  • HLA IEEE 1516-2000: FOM
  • HLA 1.3: FOM, FED

  • PDF with links
  • JPEG

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