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Pitch products are used by industry and government in more than 40 countries across the world by more than 500 customers including Boeing, Mitsubishi, NASA, Airbus, Thales, CAE, EuroControl, BAE Systems, IABG and many more. Our products capture more than twenty years of experience from building distributed systems.

Our products support the entire lifecycle, from development to deployment across organizations. They provide market leading performance, robustness and ease-of-use across both local and wide-area networks. Many of Pitch products have been certified by third party organizations to ensure a complete and correct implementation.

Our products are sold by Pitch and our distributors across the world. They are also backed by the industry’s best support.

Infrastructure Products

Pitch pRTI

Make your systems work together using the open international HLA standard

Pitch Commander

Monitor and control your simulations across your organization

Pitch DIS Adapter

Integrate your DIS applications and your HLA federations with monitoring and filtering

Pitch Media Streamer

Integrate video and simulation data in your simulation infrastructure

Pitch Booster

Connect simulations across WAN with performance and fault tolerance

Pitch Extender

Connect federations with different RTIs, FOMs or different performance profiles

Runtime Products
Development Products

Pitch Talk

Communicate using voice, intercom, radio and chat with scalability and management

Pitch Recorder

Record, inspect, play back and export your HLA, DIS, Link 16 and other simulation data

Pitch KML Streamer

Visualize your scenario in the KML viewers such as Google Earth

Pitch Visual OMT

Create, maintain, visualize and analyze object models for information exchange

Pitch Developer Studio

Generate a royalty-free HLA module in C++, C# or Java for your simulation. Also supports DIS

Pitch CDS Gateway

Connect federations of different security classifications

What is Special about Pitch Products

Interoperability through Open Standards

Our products enable you to make systems work together using open international standards, such as the IEEE 1516 “High-Level Architecture”, the SISO “Real-time Platform Reference FOM” and IEEE 1278 “Distributed Interactive Simulation”. Open standards provide a proven and widely-accepted ground for interoperability between and within organizations.


Simulation in the Cloud and M&S as a Service

Use our products locally within your organization or to deliver Simulation in the Cloud and Modeling and Simulation as a Service (MSaaS). We provide a standards-compliant infrastructure that enables you to deploy your systems in public or private clouds. Multi-site simulation over Wide-Area-Networks is another popular option.


Performance, Robustness and Ease-of-use

Our products are designed to deliver maximum performance, robustness and ease-of-use. Our infrastructure enables you to deliver more than 500 000 updates per second on standard networks. Unreliable Wide Area Networking links or crashing federates are efficiently handled. Get up to speed quickly with user-friendly interfaces through web-browsers, tablets or smart phones.

Pitch Products Cookbook

Cook Book Intro

Pitch products cookbook provides an overview of how to use our products in a number of different scenarios. These range from development, local deployment, cloud deployment and bridging to other standards.