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Take the time to catch up on the latest distributed simulation technologies with Pitch.

We will be hosting free webinars on a series of topics related to distributed simulation. See below for more information on upcoming sessions. Webinar presentations and demonstrations will be approximately 30 minutes long followed by Q&A with experts.


Please sign up by clicking on the desired session/time slot from the listing below.

Note that virtual seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Date Session Time slots
23-AprBuilding Space Simulations with HLA and the Space FOM10:00 CEST
15:30 CEST / 09:30 US ET
28-AprSimulated Radio15:30 CEST / 09:30 US ET
30-AprBuild Distributed Simulations with Ease10:00 CEST
15:30 CEST / 09:30 US ET
20 May Introduction to Cross-Domain Security for Training10:00 CEST
15:30 CEST / 09:30 US ET
28 MayTime Management in HLA Made Easy10:00 CEST
15:30 CEST / 09:30 US ET
25 JuneBuilding a Unified Infrastructure for Distributed Simulation10:00 CEST
15:30 CEST / 09:30 US ET

Have a topic that you’d like us to cover? Email us with your suggestions on

Hope to see you there!

Session Details

Building Space Simulations with HLA and the Space FOM

with Björn Möller

One of the newest and most exciting standards for distributed simulation is the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation (SISO) endorsed Space FOM, developed by experts in NASA, European and Russian space organizations. It facilitates the simulation of both Earth orbital and Deep Space scenarios. This webinar presents some examples of early Space federations and then presents the key parts of the standard, how to apply it and the benefits for anyone looking to build space simulations involving many organisations.

Simulated Radio

with Damon Curry

I’ve yet to see a simulation for training that didn’t involve human communications at least between instructor and trainee, but also often involving observers, other local trainees, remote trainees, simulated or real higher or lower echelon personnel, and exercise controllers.  Realism in communications is needed as much as realism in the training scenario, 3D visuals, and operations.  This webinar will describe Pitch Talk’s architecture, “out of the box” ready to use COTS components, Application Programmer’s Interface (API), and advanced features to produce realistic simulated radio, intercom and chat communications

Build Distributed Simulations with Ease

with Martin Johansson

Building distributed simulations can be quick and easy if you have the right tools. Allow us to demonstrate how to develop a Federation Object Model (FOM), auto generate code, build, run and verify it using the smartest tools on the market, for Java, C++ and C#.

Time Management in HLA Made Easy

with Martin Johansson

Proper time management is critical to accurate simulation, whether that is running in real-time, faster-than-real-time, slower-than-real-time or as-fast-as-possible. Time management in distributed simulation use different methods: synchronised system clocks, time sync signals from a central clock, and other. It is often a significant challenge to define a single HLA time management structure across the federation using a variety of simulations (e.g. DIS, hardware-in-the-loop simulations) while supporting interoperability among simulations using different local time management mechanisms.

However, with best practice, good design patterns and the right tools, HLA time management could be made easy. This webinar is for Simulation Software Developers or System Architects looking for out-of-the-box time management solutions for their distributed simulation project. We will give you a 30-minute crash course on the theories of HLA time management and a walkthrough of some of the coolest time management features available on the Pitch Developer Studio.

Introduction to Cross-Domain Security for Training

with Björn Möller

It’s often said, “We must train together.” Different nations must train together, and military and civil organizations must train together — just two examples where information from one domain is needed or provided by entities in a higher security domain. However, simulation based training across different information security domains is a complex problem as data security rules about information transfer must be enforced without impeding effective training.

This webinar will provide an overview of some of the challenges and how Pitch’s CDS technology address these challenges for modern HLA based distributed training exercises involving different security domains.

Building a Unified Infrastructure for Distributed Simulation

Boris Pothier

with Boris Pothier

Modern distributed simulations are composed using multiple data streams – simulation data (HLA, DIS, proprietary), audio, video, tactical data links and more. These data streams are increasingly distributed and shared locally as well as across distributed sites over wide area networks and the internet (the Cloud). A unified simulation infrastructure can help integrate all data streams in a coherent fashion during development, real time execution and after action play back so as to guarantee that data streams are synchronised, simulation results are valid, and produce expected outputs. Pitch Infrastructure product family offers a wide range of software building blocks to create such a unified infrastructure.  It is used in thousands of organizations for large and small distributed simulations including EUROCONTROL, the UK Royal Air Force, NASA, ESA, Boeing, Mitsubishi and others.

This webinar will provide an overview of some of the challenges in building distributed simulations and how modern commercial-off-the-shelf tools can address these challenges through a holistic open international standards based backbone with performance and robustness. The webinar is a must-attend if you are a Project Manager, System Architect or Software Developer looking to embark on building advanced and enduring distributed simulation systems for defence, aerospace, ATC and other domains.

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