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  • HLA & Air Traffic Control Simulation
    HLA & Air Traffic Control Simulation10th of June, join us for a Webinar dedicated to ATM simulation: Development of a standardized distributed simulation information exchange model based on ATM Validation Platforms Interoperability.
  • Join us online at the Pitch Café…
    Join us online at the Pitch Café... Take the time to catch up on the latest distributed simulation technologies with Pitch. We will be hosting free webinars on a series of topics related to distributed simulation. See below ...

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More News

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Peace Support Operation

International Emergency Training

The Viking training events are considered the world’s premier civilian-military exercises. More than 2500 people from 40 countries in 7 different sites train together using their operational systems and simulations. Pitch products and services makes the systems work together.


Simulating Space Operations

Docking with the International Space Station, lunar surface operations and engineering of space vehicles requires careful analysis and training. Projects within NASA, European Space Agency and other space organization use Pitch products to build powerful space simulation.


Next Generation Air Traffic Control

Europe is heading towards a Single European Sky for Air Traffic Management, in order to meet the growing demands. National agencies across the European countries use Pitch products for joint testing and training of new procedures, using simulations and operational systems.

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Get started with Interoperability

Distributed simulation enables you to create powerful solutions for training and analysis. Open standards is the proven way to make systems and organizations work together. Learn more about interoperability by reading our success stories and tutorials or by attending our training events.


Interoperability Products

Our product family makes it easy to make your most valuable systems work together. Connect systems with the highest reliability and performance using our infrastructure products. Develop with speed and quality using our development products.

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Interoperability Services

Our professional services enable you to offer systems that work together. Benefit from our expertise in order to reduce risk and get in control of time and cost. We support the entire life cycle from requirements capture, architecture, design, development to test, integration and operations.

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We enable organizations to use distributed simulation for training, analysis, test and engineering in order to meet today’s complex business requirements.

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We are experts on interoperability, which means making people, systems and organizations work together using the latest open international standards.

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We serve customers in more than 40 countries in industries like aerospace, defense, transportation, engineering, infrastructure, energy and many other domains.